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Staying Healthy May Mean Learning To Love Our Microbiomes
Not so long ago, most people thought that the only good microbe was a dead microbe.
But then scientists started to realize that even though some bugs can make us sick and even kill us, most don’t.
In fact, in the past decade attitudes about the bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microbes living all over our bodies has almost completely turned around. Now scientists say that not only are those microbes often not harmful, we can’t live without them.
"The vast majority of them are beneficial and actually essential to health," says Lita Proctor, program director for the Human Microbiome Project at the National Institutes of Health.
Read the rest and listen to the story on Morning Edition.
(Photo: Centre For Infections/Science Photo Library/Corbis)


The cake is not a lie… if you make it that way.


My decision?  I need to keep a stock of cake in my fridge so that on long days of work, I can just tell myself…

"Complete these tasks… because there will be cake.  The cake is not a lie."

Woe betide any who think it a funny plan to steal my cake.  There will be retribution.

However if you have roomate/s or a significant other, the cake is most definitely a lie…

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Kestrel Nestlings in Oregon Have Startling Eating Habits

By Geoffrey Giller

The Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society recently posted a series of photographs showing some adorable kestrel nestlings in Oregon with remarkable appetites (click link for an explanation of how these young birds are capable of eating such big meals).

Not only are they cute, but they’re demonstrating a remarkable eating habit. Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society’s Chuck Almdale posted this description of the photographs…

(read more: National Audubon)

Photo by Don and Diana Roberts, 2013, Oregon


Black Light Bubbles

Available at thinkgeek for $3.99, these black light bubbles are perfect for your next underground rave, pacifiers not included.


I think this is the last one!


:D the result of being bored!

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